Suidao Qu


Suidao Qu can be divided mainly into two components: The parts that exist beneath Ta Qu, and the parts that exist beneath Guizu Qu, though you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. The detritus from the skyways and towers that blot out the sun is the primary source of income for the destitute people of Suidao Qu. What the scavengers can’t dig out of the rubbish, mostly edible food, they trade for with what they do.

Suidao Qu is home to the Fire Doctrine, which goes really poorly for them because they live in a city made of wood that’s home to lots of trash naturally compacting under the weight of the huge piles they’re arranged in until they are very dry and full of released gas that sometimes causes them to ignite all by themselves. The Fire Doctrine don’t light their own district on fire as much as you might think though, because there’s a bigger play here: Suidao Qu gives them a place to sleep while they figure out how to burn down all of Daxing Cheng. Especially Hongzai Qu, the neighboring district also buried below the towers and skyways of Ta Qu and home to the Blade Dogs, who are vicious rivals of the Fire Doctrine. Not that anyone else likes them any better, particularly the Little Forest Sect, Heaven Sword Alliance, and Black Lotus Society, all of whom live directly atop Suidao Qu and are frequent targets for the rising fire of the Fire Doctrine.

The Fire Doctrine has no leaders per se, but Zan Qiu is a particularly powerful and crazy one of them and he gets a lot of respect such that when he says it’s time to go burn something down, Wulin and lulin alike jump to be part of his latest expedition. So far as anyone knows, the only reason Zan Qiu has joined the Fire Doctrine is because he’s a pyromaniac who wants to see it all burn, though every time he’s asked he gives a different version of his origin story: A corrupt magistrate lit his house on fire and killed his family as a favor to a Black Lotus sect who had been hounded by his brother in the town guard and he became convinced that everything has to burn, or an accidental housefire left him orphaned as a small child and he’s been obsessed with fire ever since, or he’s been burning things since he was young and has steadily advanced to bigger and more important things to burn because that’s just who he is.

Suidao Qu

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