Xinshou Qu


Xinshou Qu, or Xinshou Island, is technically an island, though you’d only know it if you walked on the edge of the massive bridge that connects it to the rest of Daxing Cheng. The bridge is so densely urbanized, as well as the island itself, that you can walk from one to the other without ever realizing that you’ve left land. Xinshou Qu is less urbanized as compared to other districts of the city, in that just about every square inch of ground is covered in either buildings or streets, but these have not yet stretched one hundred feet or more into the sky in over half of the district. Indeed, in most of Xinshou Qu the buildings only go to two or three stories tall, like it was Jiankang or some other normal city.

Xinshou Qu is a fishing community like Yufu Qu, and the Southern Dragon Pirates have a small presence here, making good friends with the local magistrate through copious bribery and disappearing any unhelpful inspectors sent by imperial government (not that either of the two emperors has bothered sending any of those in a long time). Recently, however, a masked Wulin dressed in funerary white has been killing both the Southern Dragons and the government officials of Xinshou Qu. No one knows the name of this Wulin, but they have taken to calling him Siwang Liandao.

The Liquid Metal Delegates take a dim view of this Siwang Liandao. The Hundred Ghost Faction, of which he (she?) is clearly a member, have no respect for any law in their quest for post-mortem vengeance, and they are upsetting one of the few places where some kind of law and order still reigns. This magistrate might be friends with the Southern Dragons, but at least he’s doing his job. Even so, the Liquid Metal Delegates ultimately hope to have the magistrate executed for his corruption and Siwang Liandao driven away from the island. Despite this, they are also considering some sort of alliance with Siwang, as they appear to have a common enemy in the Southern Dragons Pirates.

Xinshou Qu

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