Suichang Qu


Suichang Qu is the link between Buyi Qu, mighty industrial center of the city, and Ta Qu, the massive heart into which all of its trade is pumped in and out. It is a steadily rising upward slope, only a half-dozen or so tenement stories tall where it borders Buyi Qu with a handful of skybridges but no skyways, and where it borders Ta Qu it is the same tangled, confusing mess of levels and sub-levels of skyways stacked many layers deep as Ta Qu itself. Here, wealth flows outward from the merchants who trade between Ta Qu’s control over the river and land routes and the great factories and endless workshops of Buyi Qu. Restauranteers, tailors, doctors, priests, all ultimately get their coin from those who buy low and sell high.

This means that the guild lords have a presence here, as they once did throughout the cities that eventually merged into Daxing Cheng. But here their influence has been curbed, as it has been curbed (or eliminated) throughout the rest of Daxing Cheng, by the rising power of Wulin factions in a city that is a part of Shan Li no longer. Here, that faction is the Blood Wind Sect, who have violently seized the district in recent years from both the guild lords and its magistrate. They maintain the great markets from which the district derives its wealth, but the palaces are now decrepit and unmaintained. Nobody knows where all the taxed coin the Blood Wind Sect gathers goes to, but rumors circulate that their leaders Xuexing Leidi and Xuexing Jiangshi are hiring spies and assassins who spread out through Suichang Qu and neighboring districts, to prepare for a grand assassination of the leaders of every other faction according to some, or to abduct children for some unknown, sinister purpose say others (and these others cannot agree whether they abduct all children, only the girls, or only the boys), and others that they have constructed an enormous hidden palace, perhaps underground, where they indulge in every vice and sin imaginable.

The Blood Wind Sect have made neither friends nor enemies since their relatively recent arrival, which means that the Liquid Metal Delegates have been unable to make any alliances of convenience nor are they extremely concerned that the Blood Wind Sect might rise up to control the entire city. They are, however, suspicious of and worried about what they might be doing with all of those rumored spies and assassins of theirs.

Suichang Qu

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